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[Apr. 11th, 2007|08:53 pm]
Providence College


Hi, I'm a junior who just got back from a college fair where Providence College was in attendance. I talked to the guy (didn't catch his name, sorry!) and he basically made me swear to take calculus and an honors science my senior year. He was very militant; my mom was even a bit scared.

I'm not a very science-math oriented person, so that kinda frightened me. My senior year's classes include AP Euro, AP Eng IV, Spanish 5, and a class at Wheaton College.

I wanted to know how many of you didn't take calculus or a science, honors or not, their senior year. My freshman year was earth science, soph was bio, and I'm currently taking chemistry. All of those were honors.


[User Picture]From: lonelyescapade
2007-04-12 03:10 am (UTC)
I'm finishing up my first year PC, and I took Calc in high school because it does look good to colleges, but if you are looking into Liberal Arts, it won't matter much. When you get to PC, you have to take a math placement exam to take one math class anyways, so I just took Calc again.
I did not take a science my senior year, and I know a lot of people who didn't, so I wouldn't stress about that.

And it's okay to be undeclared, I was terribly undeclared when I came here, but I am finally a Social Work major.

Good luck!
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